How Farm Tagging Helps Farmers?

It is a common understanding that people living in smaller areas which are densely populated are familiar with almost every member in their area. Even in large farming areas where each farm might extend over 10 hectares in area, there exists a certain level of familiarity amongst close neighbours. But in this case, the question arises, how does that help the farmer? And what if farmland is indeed isolated and cut-off from other similar locations? One would still need to make the best of what they have.

The development and implementation site-specific farming or farm tagging has been made possible by combining the Global Positioning System (GPS). Through the use of GPS information needed for improving land and water use can be effectively collected. Farmers can achieve additional benefits by combining better utilization of fertilizers and other soil amendments, determining ways for treating pest and weed accumulation and protecting the natural resources for future use.

Today there is a need for specific information for farmers when it comes to agricultural-related problems. Farm tagging helps farmers know exactly where the farm is and can tell exactly what’s best for it. The weather, soil condition, pests and every other issue that needs to be addressed. To get such specific farm-related information there is one solution.

And that is Digitrac

Digitrac is an online platform for farmers which manufactures farming tractors, including 50 hp tractors, which facilitate fast-paced farming for all users. However, along with its great product range, they also have a wide array of pre and post-sales services for their products. One of them is Farm Tagging. Herein, users can find out what is best for their farm. Be the crop-soil compatibility, effects of various weather conditions on kharif and rabi crops and every other issue which might need to be addressed. Apart from tractor service, it is also important to know how one can use the land available most effectively and efficiently to get the best possible harvest in the most economical and the least time-consuming way.

So, all the users need to do it visit and download the Digitrac app. Once registered, the location of their farm will be known to the company allowing them to help cater to all the farmer’s needs in the best manner possible. It offers all farmers a chance to directly connect with the company personnel and get familiar not only with the lay of the land but also how they can use their Digitrac tractors and all its features to their fullest extent as is best suited to their needs.

By Digitracescorts

Digitrac is India's first online tractor platform that provides farmers with best tractors in India. Visit Digitrac website and get your hands on their power-packed tractors at a reasonable price.

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